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Concrete projects are not something to be taken lightly, many of them require such delicate detail and perfection. That’s exactly what we do here at Tri Cities WA Concrete Contractors, we take the hard projects and make them easier.

Are you in need of concrete services in the Tri Cities? Maybe you have some broken or chipped concrete, or maybe your driveway needs replaced entirely. Whatever needs done, driveways, walkways, patios you name it! Concrete Contractors Tri Cities WA is here to serve you!

​We specialize in a wide variety of skills that all come full circle when treating concrete. All of our skills can be summed up into these categories:

•Concrete pouring

•Concrete cutting

•Grinding and grooving

•Joint sawing and sealing

•Slab panel replacement

•Concrete repair and restoration

•Residential services

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  • We’ve spent our time perfecting the art of concrete pouring, cutting, and grooving over numerous years and are extremely proud of the work we do. Concrete projects should not be something to ever have to worry about in terms of effectiveness or quality. If you are ever worried about the price of a project, you’re probably more worried about quality and effectiveness. Because if you can’t see the value in the quality, of course you will start to question the purchase. When you choose us at Tri Cities Concrete, you won’t ever doubt the quality, effectiveness, or price of our work.

    Concrete pouring is a job we have been mastering for years. We understand the complexities of concrete, and we understand what it takes to be successful in the Tri Cities climate. Pouring concrete is our bread and butter, and no other concrete contractor Tri Cities WA does this better than we do. Another factor to consider when pouring concrete is if your job will crack or not. Concrete cracks form from not surveying the land and also a poor quality mix. Here at Tri Cities Concrete we use only the highest quality mixes to prevent this and also are very careful to clear our pouring area of debris, roots and other natural obstructions that could cause the concrete to crack over time. 

    Cutting concrete is a job that requires experience and good tools. Concrete dulls blades faster than any other material like wood or metal. So trying to cut concrete yourself is not going to work out for you unless you know what you’re doing, or have a special concrete cutting tool with blades that are designed for such things. Tri Cities concrete contractors have all the skills necessary for cutting concrete.

    Grinding a concrete floor is something that would happen before applying an Epoxy floor finish for that new shine you want. Dry grinding is a slow process and is more hazardous because of duet and it takes a thorough inspection during the job. Wet grinding is ideal to eliminate dust inhalation. Joint grooving is done on wet cement, and is to provide an aesthetic look while helping solve potential crack issues in the concrete.

    Joint sawing and sealing comes in handy right after grinding a joint for your project. You smooth out both sides of the joint and go in with your sealing right after. A bigger commercial job might have a sealing that has two parts to it, a rubber padding with a follow up seal that’s more malleable like caulking or melted asphalt. A residential at home job will more than likely be just caulking for the seal. Concrete contractors Tri Cities WA can handle both types of work!

    Slab panel replacement is not a difficult thing to imagine. All Tri Cities WA concrete contractors do this type of work. It’s simply breaking loose giant slabs of concrete and hauling them out for you, and then replacing the slab with fresh concrete and making it conform to the shape of the old slab. This might be for you if you have heavily worn concrete slabs that have too many issues to repair and you just need a whole slab replacement

    Here at Tri Cities Concrete, we specialize in residential services alongside our commercial/industrial concrete services. From fresh new concrete, or slab replacement, to concrete repair and restoration services we have a wide variety of residential services. Our repair and restoration services include driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, decorative concrete overlay, and much more! Residential services are highly sought after from concrete contractors in Tri Cities WA

    We will have you excited about your new concrete project, for weeks following our work. In residential areas we can remove old concrete, pave new driveways, make a new patio for you, touch up on walkways, or whatever type of concrete work that you need done. Call us for a no obligation, free concrete quote. Not only can you call us about future projects you may need done, but you can call us for tips and tricks for new or old concrete upkeep.

    Both our residential and commercial concrete services include a variety of labored skills. You’re going to love our concrete repair and restoration. Concrete Contractors Tri Cities WA is the company to choose when you need a repair or restoration of concrete. A few of our restoration services we do are:

    •Driveway repair​

    •Pool deck repair

    •Concrete leveling

    •Interior slab leveling

    •Decorative concrete overlay

    •Sidewalk repair 

    •Commercial repair

    These repair services are a great option, if you need a less expensive alternative to a full replacement of a concrete slab. No job is too small or too big, concrete is concrete and here at Tri Cities, concrete is an ever expanding work to be done. Tri Cities have been around a while so there are definitely older concrete slabs that could use some repair. And it’s a growing population with new work both commercially and residentially. So when you think there’s a project needing done on your personal property or business property, then give us a call and we can get that done for you!​Driveway repair is not uncommon for people in the Tri Cities, it’s littered with cracked and uneven driveways that would look far better with a touch up repair. A few causes of sinking driveways are erosion, poor yard drainage, a heavy load permanently parked there, or poorly compacted soil. 

    Concrete on a pool deck is something you do not want to mess with. Not only do bad cracks and worn out concrete look bad, they are also a safety concern. You really don’t want to take chances with yourself, your friends or family with a safety hazard next to a pool.

    Concrete leveling is a newer technique that we use at Tri Cities WA Concrete Contractors that has been proven both safe and effective in leveling out sunken concrete anywhere on your property. Interior slab leveling is common in basement floors. Serious damage to your home can occur if your floors are uneven, one indication of this would be cracks near doorways

    If you’re looking to add some flare on your concrete surfaces, decorative concrete overlays might be what you need on your property. This is a great way to include patterns, colors and stamps to liven up your concrete surfaces. 

    Big cracks and uneven sidewalks/ walkways are bad in two ways, aesthetic and safety. Nobody likes looking at a huge rise in the sidewalk, but especially nobody wants to be a victim of tripping in falling that could lead to serious injury.  

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